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Some Manufacturing Methods We Adopts in Preparing Copper Materials

Time: 2021-12-20 Hits: 4

In this article, we would like to introduce some manufacturing methods Vekon Copper using with animated images, these technologies can meet most requirements of semi-finished copper materials.


Pressure Casting / Die Casting
According to literally understanding, pressure casting utilizes high pressure to force molten copper into cavity of mold.


Sand Casting
Sand casting requires a pre-made model that a bit larger than target result for scale of material shrinkage first; then fills empty space between mold and model with sand; after making sand concreted, remove the model; finally inject fused copper into for target shape.


Die Forging
Forge heated copper bloom by using model.


Squeezed Casting
Also heats copper bloom and processing in large force, but in this method, pressure on bloom is continuous.


Rolling Milling
Used for producing mill copper strip and copper board.


Roling for Rod and Wire
This is also a kind of rolling milling, but designed for rolling rod and wire only. The contacting surface is in arc shape. We install it as a part of united drawing machine for cylindrical copper products.